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Pannarello white HD5060/01
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Saeco Royal Classic

Pannarello white

To give your milk a delicious creamy layer

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Do you like a good cappuccino or latte macchiato? The pannarello, an external steam pipe, warms the milk and gives it its special foamy condition. The milk frother fits several Saeco espresso machines.

€ 9,99* (*Recommended Retail Price)

Pannarello white


Ease of using Philips spare parts

  • Easy replacement
Pannarello white


Easy replacement

From time to time your product needs a facelift but it was never so easy like with Philips consumer replacement parts to renew your product. This all with guaranteed Philips quality and 1:1 exchange.

Pannarello white

Technical Specifications

Fits product types: 711707009, 716629007, 0312.00B.55C

Pannarello white

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